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A magician serves as the perfect icebreaker for your wedding and Adrian's no exception; introducing your guests to one another, maintaining the energy during the lulls and ensuring that those on the periphery are made to feel just as much a part of your big day.
Rather than charging by the hour then shooting off to another gig like other magicians Adrian divides the your day into 'sessions'; that way you know he'll be there throughout if things run late.
But when's the best time or session to have the magician?
Drinks Reception

Adrian will entertain your guests and introduce them to one another as they wait to have their photos with you, making the waiting time more enjoyable during the photo session. This also allows you as long as you need with your photographer without having to worry about keeping your guests waiting.

The Breakfast

Table Magic is perfect for getting the whole table talking and laughing, especially if they don't know one another.

... And it's Adrian's opportunity to get you all to himself so he can wow you and those at the top table  

Between Breakfast & First Dance

That part of the day where everyone has to relocate whilst the staff set the room for your evening reception. During this 'lull' Adrian keeps everyone's energy up and introduces 'day' guests to those arriving for the party

Private Parties


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Children's Shows 

Every child should be made to feel special and Adrian make sure that that happens in my shows. 
It's the children that make the magic happen. Adrian will invite those with their legs crossed, arms folded and the biggest smiles to help make the magic happen.
Sadly not everyone can come up to help so several tricks involve ALL of the children.
Option 1: Fifty-minute magic show
Option 2: Option 1 plus after food, non-elimination games & mayhem (Best hosted in a village hall) 
Adrian provides the music & prizes.
Click on the image above to go to Mr-Magician website 
Restaurant Party Celebration
Restaurant Magic

Entertainment at a restaurant serves two purposes: 

1) Attract Customers to your restaurant on quieter nights

2) During busy nights/special occasions guests won't notice slight delays between courses when they're experiencing stunning magic right at their table

Adrian has had a great deal of experience entertaining in restaurants. 

Private Events

Whatever the occasion Adrian will flabbergast your friends and keep them laughing and chatting right through the day evening. 


Great for 

Christmas Parties


Bar Mitzvahs



Corporate Events
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